Other Salvalco Products & Services

Specialist valves types include:

1. Standard metered valves with dosages from 25 microlitres to 120 microlitres. Plastic and metal stem versions available.

2. Metered valves for use with metered dose wall dispensers that will fit and operate all available industry units.

3. Single walled and double walled screw valve and other specialist valves

4. A full range of standard aerosol actuators.

5. Battery operated wall mounted aerosol dispensing units.

6. A variety of specialist aerosol actuators and dispensing systems including triggers and spray caps, spray caps with straws and many others.

7. Full tool design and tool making capability with chosen partner companies.

8. Rapid product prototyping with a chosen partner company. All materials, 3D printing, SLA, one man one mould project management.

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