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Innovative green aerosol valve technology receives funding from leading tech investors.

Savalco, maker of ‘Eco-Valves’ – aerosol valve technology that uses safe, inert gases as propellants, has received £1.6 million in funding from Foresight Williams Technology EIS fund. A specialist fund that supports disruptive technologies with not just proven investment management, but also high performance engineering capability.

adminInnovative green aerosol valve technology receives funding from leading tech investors.

Exhibiting the Eco-Valve in China

Recently the Salvalco team visited China – here they are exhibiting the Salvalco Eco-Valve.

Eco-Valves are new aerosol valves specifically designed to enable aerosols to be propelled successfully by harmless gases such as Nitrogen, Carbon Dioxide or simply Compressed Air.

adminExhibiting the Eco-Valve in China

Aerosol format appeals to 9 out of 10 consumers – new survey from BAMA

The vast majority of consumers – 92% – say they buy or use aerosols. This was discovered via the recent online omnibus survey undertaken for BAMA by research consultancy, Populus.

It was found that 9 out of 10 people who buy or use aerosols have particular reasons for doing so and understand some of the key and unique benefits.

SalvalcoAerosol format appeals to 9 out of 10 consumers – new survey from BAMA

Salvalco Eco-Valves adopted by Italian Aerosol Manafacturer BM Group

  • We have recently secured a contract to supply our patented Salvalco Eco-Valve technology to Italian aerosol company BM with the first cans shipping to Italian retailers this month (June).

BM manufactures and fills a wide range of own-brand spray products, including the popular Tam Tam, Splendida and Fresh Aroma ranges which are sold across Italy via major supermarkets and homewares stores.

SalvalcoSalvalco Eco-Valves adopted by Italian Aerosol Manafacturer BM Group

Award Winning Innovation within Aerosol Technology

Salvalco receive awardOur commitment to promote ground breaking technology and design innovation are what makes Salvalco a consistently forward thinking company. We are delighted to announce that the revolutionary new aerosol Eco-Valve system won the Outstanding Contribution to Innovation and Technology Award, at the recent Times Higher Education [THE] Awards. These awards strive to pinpoint outstanding examples of achievement by individuals, teams and institutions in the UK higher education sector.

SalvalcoAward Winning Innovation within Aerosol Technology

SSG Valve Production Development On Track


Salvalco Green AirSalvalco’s well-travelled team has now returned from its recent time spent in China.

Major progress has been made with the pre-production moulds which have now been checked, tested and approved by Salvalco’s Production Director Gary Hawthorne, who with two of his colleagues spent almost two weeks checking every dimension of the moulds and the valve pieces being produced.

All is now set for the next phase of testing to begin before full production goes ahead towards the end of the year.

SalvalcoSSG Valve Production Development On Track

Revolutionary Eco-Valves for a Safer, Cleaner Environment

In the face of growing concern over the years about the dangers of using Liquified Petroleum Gas [LPG] in aerosols, there have been enormous and exciting breakthroughs in aerosol technology. Alternatives to standard aerosol mechanisms are welcomed, due to a number of factors. They are extracted from oil or natural gas, they are a source of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC), plus the fact that they can be hazardous to transport. There is also the accepted damaging effect that these sprays have on the environment.

SalvalcoRevolutionary Eco-Valves for a Safer, Cleaner Environment

New Uses & New Technology for Aerosol Sprays

Anyone who has been watching the World Cup 2014 in Brazil will have noticed the latest innovation in the referee’s pocket – Vanishing Foam. Vanishing Foam is a wonderful little breakthrough in enforcing the rules of the game. It is used when the defending team feels the need to build a wall to defend a free kick to be taken in a dangerous area of the pitch. Typically, the referee does two things. First, he marks a horseshoe shape around the ball at the spot from where the free kick must be taken. Second, he draws a line 10 metres from the ball, behind which the wall is formed.

One of the fascinating elements to anyone interested in behaviour management is that not a single player has advanced beyond the line drawn by the referee. Nor has a single free kick taker moved the ball outside of the area drawn. Such a small thing – such a simple thing – and the game progresses faster, with less acrimony from both sides, thanks to a small breakthrough in the use of aerosol spray foam.

SalvalcoNew Uses & New Technology for Aerosol Sprays

Eco-Valve – Helping to Bring You Clean Fresh Air

Eco-Valve replaces LPG as an aerosol propellant – This eliminates VOC and gives excellent spray performance from compressed air.

The Salford Valve Company Ltd is a UK company formed to manufacture and to sell a family of newly-designed and patented aerosol ‘Eco-Valves’. These valves will be capable of use in 85-90% of the worldwide aerosol market, which is currently at a volume of 15 billion cans.

Dangerous LPG Replaced by Compressed Air

Salvalco Eco-Valve enables aerosols to use inert compressed gas as the propellant for aerosols (compressed air or nitrogen) – rather than the current use of Liquified Petroleum Gas (propane or similar). LPG is used because it provides ‘flash-vapourisation’ on exit from the aerosol can, and this maintains the delivery and spray characteristics.

SalvalcoEco-Valve – Helping to Bring You Clean Fresh Air