A breath of fresh air for aerosols & less VOC’s for the world.

Salvalco supplies a wide range of aerosol valves and other aerosol components, as well as their new, revolutionary Eco-Valve.


Salvalco visits India

14 January, 2019

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Salvalco ready to shake up the aerosol sector

20 December, 2018

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Funding received from leading tech investors

7 July, 2018

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Revolutionising the Aerosol industry

Salvalco Eco-Valves are new aerosol valves specifically designed to enable aerosols to be propelled successfully by harmless gases such as Nitrogen, Carbon Dioxide or simply Compressed Air.

Making aerosols environmentally friendly, reducing the risks of producing and using aerosols, and cutting costs across the whole aerosol supply chain.

Decades of research by the Spray Research Group at Salford University in the UK resulted in the interlocking patented ‘Bubbly Flow’ technology that is now used by Salvalco Eco-Valves.

The ‘Bubbly Flow’ technology enables aerosols to be propelled successfully by harmless compressed inert gases such as nitrogen, compressed air and carbon dioxide.

Significant reduction in the use of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s)

Reduction in the cost of storage, transportation and insurance for aerosols

Significant reduction in the dangers of highly flammable propellants

Greater safety and reduced risk through aerosols categorised as non-hazardous.

Over ten years of research

During this time we have developed and refined the designs of 3 types of high-performance aerosol Eco-Valves which together can cover 85% of aerosol usage worldwide.

Watch the Eco-Valve production tour.

The family of 3 types of aerosol valve

The SSG Eco-Valve

Designed for the efficient spray of standard non-viscous products such as air-fresheners, hairsprays, deodorants.

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The Low-Loss Eco-Valve

Designed for the efficient spray of more viscous products such as APD’s or oil-based products.

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The Metered Eco-Valve

Designed for the efficient dispensing of accurate doses of pharmaceutical products or metered doses of air fresheners or insecticides.

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